Electronic signature

In today's world of paperless, electronic data exchange, it is crucial to be able to reliably determine that the sender of an electronic document is who they purport to be and that the contents of the document have not been tampered with, as well as to prove this legally.

Accordingly, I2PS documents are signed with a qualified electronic signature that complies with the European eIDAS Regulation. This signature confirms that a document has been issued by I2PS and that its contents have not been tampered with. Moreover, this signature meets all applicable requirements concerning its use as a substitute for written signatures.

The certification authority chosen by I2PS for issuing the certificate required for the qualified electronic signature is accredited and subject to supervision by the responsible authorities.

The signature can be checked as follows:

1. With software
Install intarsys' free Sign Live! CC validation client. The software will compare the certificate that I2PS uses to sign a file with the blacklists provided by trust centers, enabling you to determine whether the signature is valid and really comes from the sender.


2. Online
If you are unable to install signature validation software, you can use AuthentiDate instead to check that the signature and certificate match. AuthentiDate International is a vendor that is accredited by the German Federal Network Agency and runs a trust center in compliance with the strict requirements of Germany's Digital Signature Act.

Simply upload the test report file you have (you do not need to upload a signature file, as the signature is already integrated into the file). Please make sure to use the Java applet for files bigger than 10 MB.

These two methods will return a check log that complies with the German Digital Signature Act and that confirms the authenticity of I2PS' signature and the fact that the document has not been tampered with.