Certification process

Consulting services

Before entering a new market your product must be certified by a recognized certifier. The required tests will base on the certifier’s testing requirements or on national/international technical standards. After passing these required tests you will get the certifier declaration for the market access of your product.
The long term partnership with worldwide acting recognized certifiers or acting as a Third Party Labor of a certifier make I²PS the right partner for supporting you in finding the best market access, defining the most appropriate certification procedure.

Provided Services:

  • Establishment of the initial contact with the certifier
  • Test plan preparation according to the relevant standards and certifier’s requirements
  • Presentation and discussing of the test plan with the relevant certifier
  • Test plan discussion with all involved parties
  • Optimization of tests in cooperation with all parties
  • Certification request from the involved certifiers
I2PS Beraten-Zertifizierungsverfahren